Journal of Jewellery Research 

The journal is a peer-reviewed online and open-access publication that focuses on the design, theory and praxis of jewellery studies. It promotes jewellery research into materials, techniques, technologies, methodologies, processes, concepts and aesthetics.

Research Through Design 

Experimental conference aiming to present an alternative to the traditional conference presentation of papers in darkened auditoriums, and supports a more discursive, synergistic setting that places the presentation of designed artefacts at the heart of proceedings.

Mozilla's Open IoT Studio

A global network of professionals committed to open IoT, working alongside Mozilla to make IoT more open, accessible and empowering.

Nantia Koulidou

PhD Research : The Self in Transition: Exploring the role of Digital Jewellery.

Design for Health

Design for Health is a new (2017) international refereed journal covering all aspects of design in the context of health and wellbeing. 


Founded in 2011, Unbox celebrates action at the intersection of different disciplines. It is an attempt to build momentum around design thinking and inter-disciplinary collaborations as the means of driving more sustainable and impactive social and cultural change in India.

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